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I am selling my home do I really need a valuer?

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I will be selling my home since I am moving to another state for job purposes. A friend of mine told me to seek the help of a valuer so that I can sell my property at the right price. I just thought do I really need a valuer? Can I put the price tag on my property by myself?
asked Apr 3, 2015 by Issac (1,000 points)

1 Answer

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Hey bud! My answer would be yes. Perth property valuers can help you sell your property at its estimated value. They check the property itself, its condition, the neighborhood and the surroundings. They will come up with the value that is accurate and appropriate for the property for sale to ensure that you are getting the right amount for your property. I hope this helped!


answered Apr 3, 2015 by Hindsman (1,360 points)